Sunday, November 16, 2008


Combustible time-sig terrorism. Complex but never hyper-intellectual, grafting tightly wound thrash segments onto the bipolar conservation-of-energy rubric that bubbles under so many records birthed in the wake of emo. Dig the Shaft-hat intro, the walking bass, and finally the screams as the boys lay waste to facile notions of climax and denouement. Tiala pals around with the Malay crew — Fujicolor, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Kias Fansuri — but is Japanese, and their side so dwarfs splitmates and alleged scene doyens Utarid as to compel some serious soul-searching around Kuala Lumpur.

"Futekisetsu Gendou"
"Public Enemy"
"Tuu Tuu"

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azmir abdullah said...

jyeah tiala rules! hey try their new songs, monday beer saves everything. awesome stuff. but i more prefer their songs in this split.