Friday, July 25, 2008

L'Amico di Martucci, "Invierno y verano"

Thrash italiano. La Piovra justifiably swelled up during their short life, but first there was L'Amico di Martucci, Venetian pugilists with the errant D.R.I. cover and some songs in Spanish. This is one of them, but the high-octane screams aren't the main event — those in tune with American "razacore" and, say, Piovra realize that HC conventions level what phonetic differences do persist between the two tongues. Think of the rhythm section here as a kind of exploratory committee, or a team of chefs: thrash three ways. Again genre conventions take hold: each "verse" shuffles the canonically admissible beats in and out, from a downbeat stomp to double time, back again, and on to blast beats for good measure. Martucci seem playfully in control of the blinders limning their craft, but the little slice-and-dice doesn't distract from the basic songsmithery — never consumes the project but informs it.

"Invierno y verano"

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