Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally Punk, "Missile"

Tantrum anthem par excellence. Before their extant hiatus, these girls slapped together an album of short conniptions on penguins, piranhas, cacti, and gout. Spun at 78, "Missile" would approach Chipmunk power violence; as it stands, FP churns a messy oom-pah beneath indignant faux-puerile rantings, and it's fun, fun, fun. This is my house!


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Catherine said...

Elizabeth is at school in Providence. Some (or maybe one, I don't remember) of them play in the Carrots (very enjoyable) and another project is Teenage Moms... I think that's their name right now; they've changed it about 500 times- it used to be Finally Bomb Squad I think. Anyway, they're in LA, with members of Mika Miko. FP get together occassionally though for things like SXSW.
I think this CD is a collection of their two 7"s- I think you can still get both from their myspace.