Thursday, September 4, 2008

June Paik, "Echoes"

Ominous extremo pads Deutschland's fertile scene, channels Quebec's. Never terribly terse, the band plumbs convention to build, section by epic section, an insistent parade of doom. But the real prize with this LP is sort of the lyric sheet, which, especially in translation, showcases one band member's sideways stabs at an English literary voice. For "The Inquest," read, "Reality dastardly takes advantage of conscious moments / Run the gauntlet in slo-mo / Interrupted only by profane stagnation." The penultimate track, "Coarse Sphere," unfolds, "Peakedly threatening monoliths / Point at small amounts of lunacy turned to gas / Like at the surrounded enemy / Loamy soil washed by the rain / Shines resplendent like glass beneath my feet." Saetia got your tongue?


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